Objectives of the course

The objective of the course is to study about visual, gesture and speech interface technologies within Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). There will be a specific focus on the personalized, location- and context-aware interfaces for intelligent environments (smart city, smart home, smart workplace).

Course coordinator and lecturers

Dr. Géza Németh

Dr. Géza Németh, Dr. Bálint Pál Tóth, Dr. Tamás Gábor Csapó

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Basic information about the course

Assessment: 2/1/0/v

For the successful fulfillment of the course, the solution of a mid-term project (practical exercise) is necessary during the study period. From this, students are required to submit deliverables and give presentations. The requirement for signature is to solve the mid-term project. Those who solve the mid-term project in an outstanding way and get 50% at the Kahoot questions, can receive an offered grade. The deadline for the mid-term project is the end of the study period.

The students can take a written exam during the exam period, if they obtained the signature during the study period.

Students can ask questions from the lecturers, for which the primary means of contact is e-mail

References, textbooks and resources

Suggested literature:

Scoring of the tasks (mid-term project)

The scores were given according to the following:

Percentage Justification
0-39% solution is not satisfactory
40-54% solution is satisfactory
55-69% solution is normal, without extra
70-84% solution is nice
85-100% solution is high quality, outstanding

During the semester, you can get 60 points from the two tasks, with the following details.

Task Points subtask Points
1 Altogether 20 points a - Interview 5 points
b - Storyboard 5 points
c - Presentation 5 points
d - Paper prototype 5 points
2 Altogether 40 points a - Evaluation 10 points
b - Presentation 10 points
c - Project documentation 20 points

In order to get the signature, you have to reach 40% of each subtask (2/5 points, 4/10 points, 8/20 points).

If the subtasks are uploaded lately, points will be subtracted. The presentation materials should be uploaded before the oral presentation! With the subtasks having 3 points, you can be 3 days late. With the other subtasks, you can be 5 days late. The subtask with the December 12 deadline can be only 1 day late (because of administrative reasons)! For the delays, the following points will be subtracted:

Delay Points
1 day -1 point
2 day -2 points
3 day -3 points
4 day -4 points
5 day -5 points
6 or more days not allowed